Безплатен анализ на филтрационните процеси.

Оптимизирането на филтрационните процеси е нашата работа, независимо дали изпитвате проблеми или искате да ги предотвратите.

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Biofil ІІ

Biofil ІІ

Vinofil two-layer polyethersulfone membranes that are made specifically for the filtration of beer and wine.
In order to find the differential pressure, look in the brochure 

Membranes are sold with EPDM gasket. and a Code 7 endcap ("B") by default. Get in touch if you want something else

Degree of filtration: 0,2 my
Connectivity: 5"
Code 7 
Diameter: 70mm 
Length: 125mm 
Max working temperature: 60° C 
Steam: 80x20 minute cycle at 125° C (257° F) 
Hot water: 100x20 minute cycle at 85-90° C (185-194° F)

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